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The official will serve as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the New Mexico Activities Association, the New Mexico Officials Association or his/her local association.

The agreement is in effect as of the date signed by the official and shall continue in effect for the entirety of the school year for which the officials is registered.

The official will receive National Federation rulebooks, testing material and liability insurance as part of his/her registration fees. Official is not entitled to any benefits including but not limited to health or life insurance, workers' compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, etc. Official must comply with the standards of officiating as set forth in the NMOA constitution and By-laws as part of his/her membership agreement.
Official agrees to indemnify and forever hold the NMAA, the NMOA and any local association under the authority of the NMOA harmless of any and all liabilities for injury or damages sustained as a result of an assignment as an official at any contest assigned by any part of the Association. This includes all claims for medical and/or hospital expenses, lost wages, property damage, disbility or death while providing officiating services or for any other purpose while participating in, traveling to and from, or observing the games, competitions or events for which the official is providing services or being trained for purposed thereof.

Official acknowledges that he/she is physically able to perform the services for the sport(s) vocered by this registration form and assumes all risk for participating as a sports official. By Signing the registration form, official hereby releases the NMAA, the NMOA and any of its member associations from any and all liability of any injuries or illness incurred while participating as a contest officials. Further, I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that would be affected by my participation as an official.

I understand that any omission/untruthfulness in the disclosure of a criminal conviction or any other information on this registration form is grounds for the immediate revocation as an NMAA/NMOA official and future ineligibility for registration.  In addition, conviction of a crime does not necessarily disqualify me as a member of the NMOA.  Each conviction will be reviewed by the NMOA Supervisory Committee on a case-by-case basis.

I, the undersigned, by virtue of my signature on this registration form, do hereby consent to and authorize the New Mexico Activities Association or its agents to perform a background investigation on me, including but not limited to a search of criminal records and to verify all information I have provided herein.

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