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  • 8/11/2016

  • 8/4/2016

    The New Mexico Officials Association is actively recruiting officials in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, spirit, swimming, track and field, volleyball and wrestling.  We believe that every community has individuals who would be great assets to the student-athletes in New Mexico through service as sports officials.   Maybe YOU can be one of our difference makers.  Remember...Without officials, there can be no games! 

  • 7/8/2013

    The NMOA is excited to announce that Honig's will be the official sponsor of the NMOA. Here is a direct link to their website, http://honigs.com/.

  • 7/8/2013

    This video is from Kansas, but it is a good story that shows what it takes to officiate in this day and age. 


  • 7/8/2013

    Be part of something AMAZING! Help us help others understand who we really are – more than for the few hours a week they see us officiate. This is a chance for you to tell your story. Click on the link below, fill out the form, save and email to stories@awso-me.com to participate. Each state will have theirMore...

  • 7/8/2013

    The New Mexico Activities Association recently unveiled its new sportsmanship initiative entitled, "Compete With Class."  This is a curriculum developed by New Mexico for New Mexico and we are excited to launch the initiative for the start of this year. 

    The NMAA’s sportsmanship mission is: “To develop champions for the future by utilizing athletics and activities to learn and practice the character traits necessary to live a positive, productive and caring lifestyle.” 

  • 10/5/2010

    It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion regarding flash photography during NMAA sanctioned events. The Multimedia Regulations as listed within the NMAA Media Policy Manual states the following regarding flash photography in Section 3.D.1:

    Please click here for complete memo.

  • 9/2/2010

    Social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and Twitter can be great tools for reconnecting with old friends, staying in touch with family and even networking with colleagues.

    Click here for Helpful Hints for Using Social Media

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